Who’s That Girl?

Who’s That Girl?

Who is Katie? Katie is anybody and everybody. She’s the busy parents juggling home school, households and jobs. She’s the ailing grandpa eating Thanksgiving dinner with the family. The early morning mountain hiker, the retired adventure seeker, the good night sleeper, corporate climber, yoga poser, the all around anything go-to girl for the goods.

Katie Baked Goods celebrates our love of the cannabis plant. Each product is thoughtfully designed, crafted and packaged, with an open heart and open mind. ApothoKatie for our wellness offerings, Katie Baked Goods for our confections, and The Flower Shop by Katie for flower bouquets.

Katie Baked Goods is our confections line of sweets, delectables and collectibles. Coming this Summer is the release of our signature cookie, The Lady Jane, a strawberry and champagne confection delightfully packaged in our limited edition green ‘Stash Your Goods’ cookie tin. Katie Baked Goods products are a fun, chic, and a delicious way to highlight your cannabis edible experiences.

ApothoKatie is our wellness line, thoughtfully curated for mind and body. Our powdered drinks are a way of honoring oneself with sustenance and ease.  From our protein packed Bone Broths,  soothing Turmeric Golden Milk to our hydrating Tangerine Coconut Water, enjoy these well intended libations. Our ApothoKatie powder drinks are formulated to be served warm like a ‘Pot Toddy’. But with some additional steps, they can also be cold brewed by pouring over or blending with ice or in a smoothie or used as spice packets to cook with. There’s a plethora of ways to enjoy!

Our Flower Powder Capsules offer a delivery that is simple, effective, and without sugar. Vegetarian capsules that are filled with a micro dosable amounts of THC and CBD. It’s an easy way to find the dose that works for you.

The Flower Shop by Katie is our marvelous approach to flower and celebrating all the beauty of the glorious cannabis plant. From following lineages and origin stories of strains to honoring the unique and defining characteristics of the flowers, we strive to curate our bouquets with intention and an open heart. More to share in seasons to come.

We are a Washington State licensed I502 Processor located in Kingston, WA. We artisanally manufacture, beautifully package quality cannabis infused goods to Washington state cannabis retail stores for the cannabis loving, cannabis curious, cannabis dabbling, and all other adults in between to savor and enjoy. Always #StashYourGoods and Cheers to your happy highs!

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