The Trifecta by ApothoKatie

The Trifecta by ApothoKatie

Our ApothoKatie powdered drinks are like a trifecta of wellness; Chicken Bone Broth for protein, Tangerine Coconut Water for electrolytes and hydration and our Turmeric Golden Milk for a body boost. Each are delivered with a blend of activated cannabis THC with CBD. Each are best prepared as hot drinks like pot toddies, but with additional steps, can also be enjoyed as cold brews.

Our Chicken Bone Broth harkens to the comfort of a gentle broth loaded with 7 grams of protein per serving. In times when you need a little protein pick me up or just a warm cup of broth, then it’s time to heat up the kettle for some HOT water and add a packet of ApothoKatie’s Chicken Bone Broth to a mug, mix well and enjoy.

For ways to make our Chicken Bone Broth into a more robust bowl of soup, prepare in a pot then add some steamed chopped veggies, rotisserie chicken pieces, or some cooked rice or cooked noodles. Or add ramen noodles, a fried egg, spinach, green onion and tofu for a delicious and hearty soup bowl packed with protein, nutrients and wellness power.  You can also add it like bouillon to your soup, stock or gravy (just do not heat on high or for too long).

Next in our Trifecta of products is our Tangerine Coconut Water, loaded with the benefits and nutrients of pure powdered coconut water, known as nature’s electrolytes, as it hydrates and nourishes your body with each sip. Paired with powdered tangerine juice adding Vitamin C and natural pulp for fiber, you have a delicious drink ready to aid in nourishing your body. This powdered drink is designed to be made with HOT water, delivering a warm cup of soothing liquid which we hope aids in revival. For a twist on the warm brew, you can also add to your mug bits of fresh ginger, loading it with even more wellness goodness.

You can enjoy your Tangerine Coconut Water cold by first preparing it hot, then pouring it over or blending it with ice for a delicious cold brewed version. For another twist, prepare it cold brew style, add in flavored sparkling water, berries or a slice of lemon, or muddle mint and lime slices and pour over ice for a mojito pot-tail (instead of cocktail).

Last in the Trifecta of ApothoKatie’s powdered drinks is the Turmeric Golden Milk. Golden Milk is an ancient drink with it’s origins from India that’s known for its wellness benefits on the body. Our version is a mix of turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, carob bean, vanilla and ashwagandha powder paired delicately with date sugar and THC & CBD to deliver a robust punch of nature’s goodness. Prepare your Golden Milk HOT by heating your milk of choice, add your packet and a sweetener, like honey, stirring vigorously until well mixed. Ideally prepared using a frother, frother wand or matcha whisk to get that wonderful creamy froth.  Enjoy hot, or once prepared, it can be poured over or blended with ice for a cold version. You can also mix into smoothies, sprinkle over yogurt, mix into oatmeal, spice up your popcorn or simply enjoy it as a delicious Pot Toddy!

All of the ApothoKatie powdered drinks have endless potential for ways to enjoy. These libations are best prepared ceremoniously with well intentions. We hope to inspire celebratory moments of peace with open hearts and minds with appreciation to the cannabis plant, our universe and hold sacred our place amongst it.

Cheers to happy highs!

*Please be mindful that our products are infused with activated THC cannabis and CBD, and are only intended for adults, not for children, and should not be served to people that are not intentionally wanting to enjoy it.

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