It’s High Time to Cheers to Coconut Water

It’s High Time to Cheers to Coconut Water

Hydration never felt so good!

There are lots of known benefits to drinking coconut water, one being most noted for it’s hydrating abilities, as nature perfectly curated an all natural drink found in the center of a young green coconut.

Coconut water is a gift from mother nature, just like the cannabis plant. By harnessing the powerful health benefits of plant food and pairing it with the wellness potential of cannabis, you get a powerhouse that becomes food with purpose.

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The water in a young coconut is packed with natural electrolytes, which is exactly what we need to help stay hydrated and balanced. Electrolytes are minerals found in our bodies that help us regulate our water balance and our PH levels. They help move nutrients and waste to and from our cells, and also assist our body’s nerves, muscles, heart and brain functions.

When our body becomes dehydrated from exercise, heat, stress, sickness, or anything that depletes our body’s water balance, it’s important to replenish those nutrients and minerals. Coconut water is an excellent source of hydration because the water contains natural electrolytes.

Coconut water also has a natural sweetness that is lower in sugar and carbs, making it an excellent alternative to other sports or electrolyte drinks. Plus coconut water doesn’t contain food coloring or artificial sweeteners, which is just another reason to cheers to replenishing your body with all natural coconut water goodness.

ApothoKatie’s infused Tangerine Coconut Water powdered drink includes the powerful benefits of coconut water and also adds the natural sweetness of tangerine juice powder for a Vitamin C boost too. Paired with a low dose of activated THC and CBD (5mg per serving), this hydrating libation aims to help aid your body to replenish, re-hydrate, recharge and relax. It can be prepared cold with ice or blended.

In the colder months, preparing ApothoKatie’s Tangerine Coconut Water mix with hot water, makes a delicious #PotToddy. A much better alternative to other over- the- counter and medicated nighttime hot drink mixes that are packed with unreadable ingredients, artificial sweeteners and who knows what else. Give your body the food and fuel it needs to help with wellness and self care.

So let’s say it again, hydration never felt so good! ApothoKatie’s Tangerine Coconut Water and other powdered drinks and capsules can be found in these fine Washington State cannabis retail stores.

Spread love, keep an open heart and open mind, and always practice edible etiquette when using cannabis products.

We Cheers to Your happy Highs!

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