Edibles, please.

Edibles, please.

It’s a brave new world. And just like that, life as we know it… changed.

Things became things, essentials became essentials and new ways started replacing old ways. With all this change, maybe it’s time to embrace edibles in a whole new way and rethink everything you thought you knew too.

Edibles, are noted for being felt throughout the body, providing a different experience than smoking cannabis. For many, edibles are known to be relaxing and bring a sense of well being. Less of a ‘head high’ and more of a ‘body high’. Some use them to help with aches and pains, for nausea, sleep or just to help attain a sense of calm. Some use them to kick start creativity, aid in internal introspection, boost sports and recovery or even to step into a new fun adventure.

The THC in an edible is not immediately felt, like with smoking. Timing is different for every body based on many individual factors.  The effects of cannabis can begin to be felt in as little as 10 minutes or can take as long as 2 hours after consuming it, and the effects could last for hours. (Always #GoSlowToKnow to help you gauge your desired dosage level.)

For many, when they hear ‘edible’ they have a #BrownieStory that didn’t end well. The quintessential brownie story tends to have similar themes of not knowing the potency and eating too much.

Modern day edibles have evolved, and its endless potentials are worth taking a look at again. From capsules, powders, drinks and broths to cookies and confections, edibles have something new to offer.

The obvious difference of enjoying cannabis by edibles, is not smoking. Edibles have become sophisticated like enjoying a hot cup of Bone Broth packed with 7 grams of protein or a hydrating Tangerine and Coconut Water loaded with nature’s electrolytes. Edibles, like the Turmeric Golden Milk, are inspired by ancient remedies of the past for ailments of the present.

And for the simplest of them all, our Flower Powder pills are the easiest way to enjoy an edible. They are unflavored, unsweetened, low calorie, and simple ingredients. They are at micro dose levels, so you can curate the dose that works for you. (No more brownie stories!) The vegetarian capsules are powdered filled, clean and easy. Packaged three capsules per package, at 3mg THC&CBD, some take all three capsules together totaling 9mg THC & CBD in a serving. Some take a capsule in the morning, one at lunch and one at night, to maintain that same level throughout the day. For those who want to achieve higher levels of THC & CBD, can ingest more capsules, or use alongside other products like a powdered drink.

We’ve come a long way from the mysterious pan of unknown brownies and have entered into a realm that embraces the offerings of edibles in new fully conscious ways. Food is life, and cannabis is a plant of the earth that we live in, and by harnessing these worlds together into new possibilities, leaves innovative and new ways to celebrate, enjoy and embrace cannabis and edibles.

Edibles are for anyone and everyone. If you are canna curious then the ApothoKatie wellness line of edibles is a safe and easy way to try and enjoy infused cannabis products for whatever reasons you may have.

Always be sure to practice Edible Etiquette by being ‘Discreet when you Eat’, making sure children are not near by when you eat. As well, always ‘Stash Your Goods”, and keep all cannabis products out of reach and out of sight from others. Last, ‘Go Slow To Know’ when using edibles, which can be done by using micro dosed products to incrementally find the level that works for you.

Cheers to your Happy Highs!

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