5 Reasons to Switch To Edibles

5 Reasons to Switch To Edibles

As we get older, smoking weed gets harder and harder on our bodies.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why you Should Make the Switch to Edibles!

1. When dosed correctly, Edibles can be a great way to Maintain a Level of Relief throughout the Day & Night.

When you eat cannabis products, it effects your body differently than if you were to smoke it. You get more of an all over the body feeling and less of a head high. With smoking, the peak of the high is quicker, and ends faster. With edibles, they take longer to feel, but last longer. If you dose your edibles just right, then you can achieve a happy level all day and night.

Try starting with a low micro dose, like a 3mg THC:3mg CBD ApothoKatie Flower Powder capsule in the morning. In the afternoon, take another micro dosed capsule, and then in the evening before bed, take another. See how the 9 mg affected you throughout the day. Try not to smoke herb, to see how the edibles worked on your body, so you know if you need to adjust up or down, depending on how your day rolled. If you can time and dose your edibles correctly, you’ll be able to maintain a level all day long and through the night that helps you achieve that level of bliss that works just for you.

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2. Edibles are Better for Your Lungs.

With edibles, there is not smoke in the lungs, mouth, throat and beyond. No burn taste in the mouth. No more having to brush your teeth after a joint or bong rip. You get to preserve, honor and save your lungs with edibles. Your future self will thank you.

ApothoKatie’s Infused Turmeric Golden Milk.

3. There are New Types of Edibles Designed for Wellness.

Not all edibles are sugar packed jellies, gummies, caramels, fizzy sodas or chocolates. And cannabis wellness products don’t have to be just tinctures or sprays. They can be real food that can be prepared ceremoniously and with intention. Edibles are becoming innovative, sophisticated and smart. ApothoKatie powdered drinks, like Chicken Bone Broth packed with fuel for the body or patient who needs protein, salt, and THC:CBD. Or Tangerine Coconut Water that has vitamin C, natural electrolytes and serves a low dose of cannabis to help ease those aches and pains. Or for the wellness minded people, looking for turmeric benefits to aid with inflammation, there’s the ancient Indian inspired, Turmeric Golden Milk by ApothoKatie.

The ApothoKatie wellness line is specifically designed for people looking for wellness options in cannabis edibles. Low to no sugar products. All micro dosed to help gauge and maintain effects. All real ingredients. Good for clean eating diets or people looking for edibles that fuel life.

4. Edibles are Discreet and Clean

Edibles do not require a bong, pipe or lighter. You do not have to clean resin or tar build up to enjoy the flavors. Edibles do not create an ordor in your stash bag. Edibles do not have stinky bong water spills.

Edibles, when stored correctly, can be discreet and easy. Edibles are now packaged individually in child proof packaging, which helps make it ordorless and easy to store away. AND ALWAYS store away your edibles from those hands in which you do not want finding it, like little ones or unsuspecting people.

5. Edibles Deliver Big

Edibles deliver cannabis all over the body. Awesome! The endocannabinoid system lights up and that amazing cannabis energy circulates throughout.

Edibles open up perspective and expand mind and body. With an open heart and open mind, you can explore the different pieces that make of the whole of yourself.

Some feel inspired and create art or music, write, cook food, or even go on adventures in nature. Climb a mountain, go for a walk, hike up that hill. Swing on the swing, run around the playground imagining with your kids. Enjoy being in the moment of your life.

Cheers to a Happy High!

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